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Call Tracking

1 Dynamic and static Call Tracking

Vochi Crm provides dynamic and static call Tracking services. Static calltracking allows you to estimate the source of the call up to the channel, as a separate number is used by a group of users, for example by the source of attraction:

  • Google Ads
  • Yandex Direct
  • Outdoor advertising
  • SEO
  • Phone on Manager's business card
  • Other sources
Dynamic calltracking is associated with the user's website and gives more opportunities and allows you to evaluate the source of the call up to the key phrase that the user entered into the search engine.

2 Why and for what purposes do you use calltracking?

Tracking phone calls allows you to achieve several goals, including used for:

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising channels.
  • Control of managers ' work.
  • Building transparent Analytics on the site.

3 calltracking Cost

In Belarus, Call tracking services are offered by only a few companies, including the Vochi Crm campaign. Feature of Call Trcking from our campaign is low cost, easy integration with telephony , as well as online statistics. the Cost of Calltracking of the Vochi campaign is from $ 5 to $ 7 per line per month depending on the number of lines.

4 Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex metric.

Call tracking campaign has Vochi Crm online integration with Google Analytics and Yandex metric. This means that you get the data online as soon as you received a call from the website for an advertising campaign. As a result, you get information about the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in the context of companies and keywords.

2 Features Of Call Tracking

  • Receive online call data from your website
  • Low subscription fee
  • Use your numbers and your SIM cards)
  • Call tracking from the Voch CRM campaign is fully integrated into CRM, so you get a combined system in one package