Comparison of hybrid office IP SIP telephony with Asterisk-based classic telephony

1 The cost of connection is several times less

Personalization of office telephony based on Asterisk is an expensive pleasure. In addition, cumbersome and expensive equipment. The prices for such pleasure are thousands of dollars. Vochi telephony offers a cheap alternative to office Ip Sip telephony , where the cost of connection with connection is several times less.

2 Short terms of connection (no more than 7 days)

Unlike individual solutions with no Asterisk, Vochi offers a set of automated tools for quick connection to Ip Sip telephony . Terms of connection, depending on the flow of applications, do not exceed 10 days.

3 Does not require support costs

Vochi specialists can quickly diagnose problems with telephony and eliminate them. Depending on the tariff plan , this can be included in the subscription fee. You no longer need to call expensive specialists and spend time, money and nerves on them.

4 Does not require the cost of making changes

It does not require the cost of making changes - everything can be done with the help of convenient and intuitive interface . Even the child can cope with the Vochi IP telephony settings.

5 Does not require integration costs

The system already has ready-made telephony integrators and CRM AMO, Bitrix, Retail, My Warehouse and others . It is enough to follow the instructions and make a few entries. In a few minutes your CRM already has telephony.

6 Has built-in statistics on calls

Vochi Crm has a built-in call statistics / The manager or director can analyze the information received and make managerial decisions.