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Integration of office IP SIP telephony and Bitrix

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Initializing a call from the Bitrix site

When you click on the icon with the phone number in AMO CRM, the call is initialized. On your Ip phone or software SIP phone will come confirmation to make a call.

The call log in the Bitrix system

After the conversation ends, the call log of the Bitrix system will display information about the call, which includes the following information:

  • Who called
  • Who called
  • Call duration
  • Call status (the pipe was raised or not)
  • Link to a conversation record

Record conversations

Record conversations with the ability to listen to Bitrix. Records of conversations are stored one year.

Online notification of an incoming call to Bitrix.

During the incoming call, the Bitrix website receives a notification from the manager with information about the calling subscriber with the possibility to open the client card.

Watch video integration of office IP SIP telephony and Bitrix