Office IP SIP telephony capabilities - Vochi-CRM

Office IP SIP telephony features

GSM lines

Connect any number of GSM lines.

SIP-lines (for example, city)

Connect any number of city SIP lines.

Internal lines

Create an arbitrary number of extensions with short numbering. Manage access rights to external lines.

Record conversations

You can listen to the recorded conversation in a browser, download it to a local computer, listen to it during a conversation with a subscriber in the mode of a three-party conference, send it as a link via SMS or E-Mail.

Call forwarding

Forward calls to the phones of your colleagues, including mobile phones. With the request of consent and unconditionally.

Call Park

Set the call to parking. Take the call from the parking lot yourself, or delegate a call to colleagues.


Join the conference of internal and external subscribers. Conduct joint consultations.

Multi-level voice menu

Create the most accurate voice communication systems with the client.

Selecting an outside line

Automatic selection of an outside line for making a call, depending on the prefix of the dialed number. Ability to manually select an external line.

Intelligent connection

The client will be automatically redirected to the manager with whom he spoke the last time.

Create user groups

Create temporary and permanent user groups. Use in call schemes.

Listening Online

Users with Administrator rights can listen to conversations in real time, while remaining incognito.

Entering an existing conversation

Users with Administrator rights can join a new person in an existing conversation.

Interception of a conversation

Users with Administrator rights can switch the conversation to themselves by disconnecting one of the interlocutors. The disconnected interlocutor will hear information that the conversation was not lost, but was transferred to another user *.


Users with Administrator rights have the ability to real-time prompt (dictate) one of the interlocutors, remaining unnoticed by another.

Dynamic Call Distribution

Incoming calls can be distributed according to the following principles: "New client - more experienced employee", "Alternate distribution", "Least busy", "Beginner", etc.

Callback for the site

Automatic dialing of the number of the customer who ordered the call on the corporate site. Unlimited number of sites to connect. It is possible to assign specific managers or groups to make calls from certain sections of the site.

Autoinformator about the time to answer the operator *

At the time of maximum load, the client will not be left without attention. If the subscriber's number is determined, in order to save his time, he will be offered to hang up and the call to the first released manager will be assigned.

Personal Greeting *

Vochi-CRM will greet the client with the Name-Patronymic (if the client card is filled), present the manager with the Name-Patronymic, who is ready to answer the call, and also dictate to the Name-Patronymic Manager and the status of the calling client.