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Vochi CRM
Integration of office IP SIP telephony and CRM

Vochi CRM has its own mini CRM

Vochi CRM Desktop

  • Vochi CRM has a status bar of internal lines, GSM lines, as well as SIP lines. A user-friendly interface allows you to receive complete online line status information
  • Vochi CRM has a convenient log of calls (calls) with grouping by clients, date and other fields.
  • In the call log there are buttons "Call", "Open card of the client", "Listen to the conversation".
  • The call log is combined with the sms log, where you can see the incoming and outgoing SMS of the company, and it's also easy to send a new SMS directly from the client's card.
  • The desktop has a virtual keyboard. With her, you can dial an arbitrary number, and also make a call forward or manage conferences.

Customer card

  • The customer card can contain any arbitrary number of fields and is set up by the company manager independently.
  • The client card has a journal tab where all conversations with the client are visible, as well as all sent and received SMS from the client.
  • The client card has a comments tab. Thus, the company's manager can see all the comments left before the client. The last comment is displayed in the call log for more information.
  • The client card has a task tab. The manager can create an arbitrary number of tasks per client, and also assign a task to an arbitrary manager.
  • You can call the client from the customer's card.
  • The customer card has tab lists. Each user can be assigned to a particular list. Lists can be as many as you like and their creation is occupied by the manager.

Group SMS distribution

Vochi CRM has a multicast function. You can control the automatic sending of sms using filters, by adding certain groups of users from the lists or from the entire database.

Manage settings

Vochi CRM has a settings panel with which you can easily perform the following actions:

  • Add new GSM lines (numbers), and edit existing ones
  • Add new SIP lines (numbers), and edit existing ones
  • Add new short internal numbers, edit existing ones, and assign them to users
  • Add new users, edit existing ones, assign internal numbers to them and add them to departments
  • Add new stores, edit existing ones, and assign external numbers to them
  • Add new departments, edit existing ones, and add users to them
  • Add client lists, edit existing ones
  • Connect external sms services to send sms
  • Add new call flow schemes, edit them. This applies both to incoming calls and outgoing calls. Each scheme is a script for the passage of a call. Each external and internal line can have its own scheme (script)


API for integration with other systems

Vochi CRM has its own convenient interactive statistics on calls received by GSM or SIP lines. Statistics of calls is possible in the following sections

  • External Numbers
  • Managers
  • Days of the week
  • Hours

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